Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Center

Hey my fashion lovers I’m back and on top of the bed of a huge truck! Why not!!! Live a little! Lately I have been sticking to very simple tones and patterns, white and black to be exact. I’m a firm believer you dress how you feel and as of late I guess you can say I’ve been wanting to keep things very simple. Why? Because you’re the happiest in life when you don’t have the dramas of the world weighing you down, whether it be work, relationships, and/or family. You have to always find your center in the midst of those stressors and do what’s best for you. Remember you will always burn yourself out worrying about everyone else’s happiness but your own! While everyone else worries about what’s beneficial to themselves.

 Often times keeping it simple can be very difficult however, anything or anyone that does not add value to your life or allow you to grow you have to cut it off and find your peace. That does not mean it won’t hurt but in the end it’s the best thing for you. Find what makes you truly happy, like ice cream on a hot day, finding money in your pocket when you’re broke, flowers from your secret admirer, a hug, a kiss, or simply snagging the last pair of shoes you’ve been wanting online! Simplicity at its best. 

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