Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Denim Highs

I’m not really a sneaker girl. My best friends always tease me because I’m always the one in heels when we go out, literally no matter where we go lol. I think I even wore heels to a cookout once (smh what was I thinking). I guess you can call me a super girlie girl if that can be used as my excuse lol. Now don’t get me wrong I have the staple sneakers every girl should have which mainly consists of anything Adidas. However, I don’t get all hype when a new pair of Jordan’s are released, and honestly I could care less what new Lebron’s are out. I’ll leave that’s to my brothers. Although, I must say it was quite refreshing and comfortable to throw on a pair of “Stan Smith” Adidas for today’s look. Really loving the denim on denim trend that’s resurfacing lately. Takes me back to the 90’s growing up in Philly where all we wore were matching denim outfits thinking we were so flyy lol.