Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Stripes

It’s Fridayyyyyyyyyy…. and although I don’t really have too much planned but to hit up the mall for a few beauty products and some jeans, I’m super excited to just relax. These past few weekends I have been out of town visiting friends/ family so it’s going be really good just to sit back in my apartment cuddle up to a few good movies and some pizza and just rest. O and by the way I started back at the gym this week which I was super stoked about. I stopped working out for about 3 months because of an injury I had but I’m back and ready to start running again. It sure did feel good this week to put in some mileage seems like it just makes the day that much better. Anywho…. I’m starting to ramble. Have a great weekend guys see you on Monday ;)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Who Are You?: A Message To All Women

You are beautiful
You are smart
You are funny
You are kind
You are unique
You are worthy of love and affection
You are never too much, you are always enough
You are precious
You are a diamond, a rose, a pearl. The most stunning of all God’s creation.
You are worth more than the numbers on the scale, or the hair product you use, or the shoes you wear.
More than how many girls wish they were you or how many guys wish they had you.
More than the price tags on your clothes, or the percentage at the top of your math test, or even the number of followers you have on twitter.
Your worth surpasses all the earthly things because in the eyes of the Lord God you are loved.
You are worth dying for.
Regardless of who you think you are…
Whether you’re a model in a magazine, or you model pottery with grandma.
Whether you’re on the hot list or the not list.
Whether you’re head cheerleader or a high school dropout.
Whether you’re miss popular or you’ve never had anyone you can call a friend.
Whether you love yourself and love your life or, you can’t stand to look in the mirror and you feel as if everything in your life is falling apart.
Whether you’re such a winner or you feel like the world’s biggest failure.
Regardless of who you think you are, the reality is you deserve someone who would give up their life for you because you are
Read of the women in the bible
Esther, Ruth, Martha, Mary….
These women changed the world
and inside of you is a woman with that same power, and that same strength, and that same world changing capability and your responsibility is to find that woman and to set that woman
this is…
and any voices in your mind that try to tell you differently are from the enemy, and the next time you hear them this is what you say….
I am a daughter of the living GOD
and adored above all things by the Creator of all things for the glory of Him who is greater than all things.
and please don’t forget it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


My Singles…
GOD SAYS, “Don’t you believe that I know who you will marry, and that I’m capable of leading you to that right person? Can you also believe that I am the God of all creation? I know you better than you know yourself, I am perfectly able to bring this person into your life in My own time, in My own way. Don’t give up hope. Prepare yourself for your future gift. “You’ll be the diamonds in their crown.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dream Catcher

If there is one thing I know to be true……. if you want something bad enough it will be yours. You may have to fight really hard for it but if you want it…. in due time and due season it will come to fruition.
I say this because…we all have dreams right? Plans to travel the world, move to another city, land that amazing job you’ve always wanted, own your own business, or simply just dreams to become a better you (we all should have that dream lol). None the less we are all hoping and wishing in one way or another for that special thing to happen in our lives. So what separates a dream from being a dream and a dream from being reality? The answer is o so simple….. ACTION
A dream can and will stay a dream if you don’t take the time to cultivate it and put in the work you need to in order to get where you want to be. Stop sitting on your dreams ladies and gents. Start putting your dreams into action. If you have to invest a little money do it, if you have to apply to 50 million jobs just to get out of the city your in do it, if you have to take a bus, train, or plane to a city and walk in every company you wish to work for and apply DO IT.  It’s the people who want it really really bad that dreams come true, because you see at the end of the day it’s YOUR dream no one else’s so you can’t expect anyone else but you to go after it. Stop sitting and start doing, stop wishing and start planning, because dreams do come true if you put in the work you have to.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


You didn’t love her. You just didn’t want to be alone. Or maybe, maybe she was good for your ego. Or maybe she made you feel better about your life, but you didn’t love her, because you don’t destroy the person that you love.