Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Think Pink

Hey loves… I fell in love with this cute little pink jumpsuit the moment I laid eyes on it. Not only because I have a weird obsession for jumpsuits lol but I feel like this jumpsuit is the perfect mesh of dressy and sexy kind of like a big glob of pink cuteness if that makes any sense. Anywho…. I keep having the weirdest thing happen to me…. Everyday I see the number 12:34 on the clock. It seems like even when I am trying to miss the number I see it 12:34…. 12:34…. 12:34. It’s so weird. Sometimes I think maybe it’s a sign, a sign of what I have absolutely no idea but nonetheless a sign. Like the universe is telling me something???? Ummmm…. maybe I don’t know. Does this happen to you? Let’s hope it represents love and peace and joy and all the positives things life has to offer right??? I don’t know but enjoy your day beauties see you in my next post.



Monday, June 23, 2014

Floral Affair

I’m backkkkk….. took a little break from blogging not intentionally I’ve just been super busy catching up with friends and family. But of course I have missed blogging so it’s good to be back posting.

On another note, the other day I was outside just thinking (I like going outside to do those things weird I know) but… being that June is the half way mark for the year I began thinking if the resolutions I had set back in January are coming to fruition. I’m very happy to say they are. For the first year ever really, I have set some major goals and I am on track and ready to go with all of them. I am very proud of myself for putting on my big girl panties and allowing myself to grow in ways I had hesitated before.

You see, I think there are times we as individuals make life and our goals harder than what they need to be. When it’s really quite simple. Everything you ever want you can have, if and only if you have the discipline to have it. It’s all about what you’re willing to sacrifice. Want to lose weight? Sacrifice eating out. Want to buy a house? Sacrifice the money spent on Friday night outs. I’m learning to make life that simple and it sure feels good.

We’re halfway through the year, if you didn’t stick to your goals the first half of the year it’s time to buckle down and make it happen the second half. Just remember, sacrifice isn’t always a bad thing.