Friday, February 26, 2016

Stripes on Stripes

Because it’s only right I stand on a ledge and almost break my neck and scrape my knees while everyone walking by watches for the sake of a blog picture. Makes sense right? Perfect sense! lol the things I do….

Heyyyyyy everyone so happy to be back posting a new outfit. I like this two piece so much just because it gives me multiple vibes. I’m thinking office with a blazer, date night, out with your girls, meeting a new guy, or just because you want to get dressed up and look cute, that never hurt a girl right? It just depends on the occasion and how you’re feeling. You can pair it as separates or combine the two like I did today for a full on striped mix. Either way it’s a great fit to have in your closet. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Good Day Beautiful People! And Happy February! What I love most about February besides Valentine’s Day of course, is knowing that Spring is right around the corner, a little over a month to be exact. It’s like I start itching to play with different colors and mix and match patterns and textures. So I wasn’t surprised at all when I came across this 60’s inspired baby doll top. I knew I had to it. I kind of say that about everything tho lol lol lol!!!!! Guess that’s the reason I’m a blogger. Anywho…. I love how this top is winter friendly but adds the perfect pop of cream to give it that Spring appeal. Not to mention it can be paired with just about any color under the sun and still work. That’s what I call a transitional piece! As winter is SLOWLY coming to a close and Spring starts peaking it’s head out during late March start looking for pieces that can be worn now and then to maximize your closet and get more bang for your buck.