Thursday, August 18, 2016

Can I Get A Two Piece?

One thing I absolutely love about the summer is throwing on a simple two piece and heading out for lunch, or dinner or breakfast. (I’m hungry while typing this lol) This city seriously has some of the best spots to grab a bite to eat. Sometimes I wish getting dressed up, laughing with friends and spending unnecessary money could be my full time job. Vain… a tad bit but who wouldn’t want that lifestyle J On a more serious note, I grabbed this 2 piece from Zara recently and I love how versatile it is. I can throw this number on with sneakers or sandals and I can dress it up with heels. This will definitely be on repeat so don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Denim Highs

I’m not really a sneaker girl. My best friends always tease me because I’m always the one in heels when we go out, literally no matter where we go lol. I think I even wore heels to a cookout once (smh what was I thinking). I guess you can call me a super girlie girl if that can be used as my excuse lol. Now don’t get me wrong I have the staple sneakers every girl should have which mainly consists of anything Adidas. However, I don’t get all hype when a new pair of Jordan’s are released, and honestly I could care less what new Lebron’s are out. I’ll leave that’s to my brothers. Although, I must say it was quite refreshing and comfortable to throw on a pair of “Stan Smith” Adidas for today’s look. Really loving the denim on denim trend that’s resurfacing lately. Takes me back to the 90’s growing up in Philly where all we wore were matching denim outfits thinking we were so flyy lol.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Center

Hey my fashion lovers I’m back and on top of the bed of a huge truck! Why not!!! Live a little! Lately I have been sticking to very simple tones and patterns, white and black to be exact. I’m a firm believer you dress how you feel and as of late I guess you can say I’ve been wanting to keep things very simple. Why? Because you’re the happiest in life when you don’t have the dramas of the world weighing you down, whether it be work, relationships, and/or family. You have to always find your center in the midst of those stressors and do what’s best for you. Remember you will always burn yourself out worrying about everyone else’s happiness but your own! While everyone else worries about what’s beneficial to themselves.

 Often times keeping it simple can be very difficult however, anything or anyone that does not add value to your life or allow you to grow you have to cut it off and find your peace. That does not mean it won’t hurt but in the end it’s the best thing for you. Find what makes you truly happy, like ice cream on a hot day, finding money in your pocket when you’re broke, flowers from your secret admirer, a hug, a kiss, or simply snagging the last pair of shoes you’ve been wanting online! Simplicity at its best. 

Friday, June 17, 2016


I’ve really been into black lately (as you can tell from last week’s post) lol. Something about it is so sleek and edgy whether dressed up or down. So this past weekend this look was perfect for heading to my favorite brunch spot in the city with friends. I decided to go ALL black but played it up with different textures to add a little structure and pizzazz.   

Thursday, June 9, 2016


It’s officially summer in NYC. Whoop…..Whoooooop. J My favorite time of year here. I’m so looking forward to spending my weekends hanging with friends, at festivals, day parties, beaches and doing all the other random things one can stumble upon in the summer. While it won’t reach the 90’s until July, I’m loving the spring feel in the air especially because I can throw on a pair of my favorite jeans and an off the shoulder top and call it a day. Quick and easy!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Monochromatic Vibes

I seriously cannot get enough of this Olive color. So I decided to just plaster it all over my body  because it’s just that awesome lol lol. Keeping it very monochromatic in today’s post. I seriously love the monochromatic trend it’s easy and looks so simple and chic. Who wouldn’t love that combination? On another note I got an amazing new job this week that I’m still in shock about. God definitely answers prayers and comes right on time. So things have been busy busy busy lately with me jumping into the flow of it all but I am elated.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I love mixing patterns and prints. For today’s look I did it in a very subtle way, but still love how comfy and fashion forward this look turned out. Plaid has become somewhat of a neutral for me because the possibilities are endless when styling, which I love. What’s your favorite way to style plaids?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Keeping it simple in an all black fit today. With temperatures warming up it looks like New York will actually have a Spring season, which I’m excited about especially having temperatures in the negatives this past winter. Today’s fit was a no brainier sometimes it’s just easy to keep it easy . All black does just that. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Stripes on Stripes

Because it’s only right I stand on a ledge and almost break my neck and scrape my knees while everyone walking by watches for the sake of a blog picture. Makes sense right? Perfect sense! lol the things I do….

Heyyyyyy everyone so happy to be back posting a new outfit. I like this two piece so much just because it gives me multiple vibes. I’m thinking office with a blazer, date night, out with your girls, meeting a new guy, or just because you want to get dressed up and look cute, that never hurt a girl right? It just depends on the occasion and how you’re feeling. You can pair it as separates or combine the two like I did today for a full on striped mix. Either way it’s a great fit to have in your closet. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Good Day Beautiful People! And Happy February! What I love most about February besides Valentine’s Day of course, is knowing that Spring is right around the corner, a little over a month to be exact. It’s like I start itching to play with different colors and mix and match patterns and textures. So I wasn’t surprised at all when I came across this 60’s inspired baby doll top. I knew I had to it. I kind of say that about everything tho lol lol lol!!!!! Guess that’s the reason I’m a blogger. Anywho…. I love how this top is winter friendly but adds the perfect pop of cream to give it that Spring appeal. Not to mention it can be paired with just about any color under the sun and still work. That’s what I call a transitional piece! As winter is SLOWLY coming to a close and Spring starts peaking it’s head out during late March start looking for pieces that can be worn now and then to maximize your closet and get more bang for your buck.