Thursday, July 28, 2011

" Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Outfit Of The Day

Ladies check out my Outfit of The Day. You can really play around with a dress like this. Dress it up with a STELLAR pair of heels and your hair pinned up or you can dress it down like I did by adding a denim cutoff and hard black accessories.

Shirt Skirt DIY

Ladies go grab one of your boyfriends old button up shirts or a baggy button up you may have and turn it into a STELLAR DIY skirt. Simply button the shirt up the front leaving an opening to slide your waist in. Once the shirt/skirt is on take the sleeves and tie them around the front into a knot or a bow whichever you choose and BAM BA BAM BAM you got a quick easy skirt!

Miss Jessies Product Review

Here are all the Miss Jessies products I use and they all work really well on my hair. You can find each one of these products at your local Target or beauty supply store or click HERE to shop online.

Weekend Flow

The weekend needs an extra day added onto it lol ;) It seems like it was just Friday! This weekend I had lots of fun with my family, hung out with my mom and little sister, did a little shopping, picked up some things for my apartment and lastly hung out with some friends on Saturday night definitely GOOD TIMES! Check out my looks! O and I made the floral top that you see in the pics below. I will do a tutorial on how to get this look soon. Hope you ladies enjoyed your weekend!

Miss Jessies Curly Pudding

So I ran into one of my friends fiance the other night while hanging out and she's a natural chica as well :). She told me she uses Miss Jessies Curly Pudding on her hair and she loves the way her hair smells and feels so I decided to give it a try.

$38.00 @ Target

I was always a little skeptical about the Curly Pudding. I thought it would be too heavy for my hair and make it greasy but I was absolutely WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. It's really lightweight and doesn't make your hair crunchy.The product smells really super awesome. Stay tuned for my Miss Jessies Product Review video tomorrow to get more details on how I used it on my hair!

Birds Of A Feather

Ladies check out these new STELLAR earrings I picked up this weekend. I love love love them and feathers are super huge right now for fall and pre-fall wear.

Clean Those Brushes!!!!!

I know we all don't clean our makeup brushes as often as we should but its VERY, VERY, VERY important that we do ladies. Dirty makeup brushes leave grounds for future breakouts, infections, damaged brushes, and poorly applied makeup. So here are a few tips to follow when cleaning your brushes.

1. Be gentle, very gentle when washing your brushes because some makeup brushes shed hair. If you handle them improperly the brushes can get completely damaged.

2. Only wet the bristles of your brush and not the ferrule (the part that holds the brush together) because most manufacturers only use glue to hold the ferrule together. After repeated moisture in that area the water can cause the glue holding the ferrule together to weaken and you can lose the bristles to your brushes.

3. Leave brushes FLAT to dry NOT upright!

4. A quick and easy way to clean your brushes is to invest in a spray brush cleanser. Just spray the product on, and rinse until the water is clear then air dry.

5. Make sure your brushes are COMPLETELY dry before using them.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Karl Lagerfield For Macy's

There have been talks about this collab for awhile now but nothing has been confirmed until now. IT'S OFFICIAL Karl Lagerfield (who also works as the creative director for Chanel) will be collaborating with mega department store Macy's this August 31st to launch his 45 piece collection. The collection will include tweed pieces, dresses, statement jackets and lots more.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment and where you're going. It doesn't have to be crazy, doesn't have to be loud, doesn't have to be outlandish. It just has to be YOU!"


Secrets To Heel Rockin

As a lady we all pretty much love throwing on a pair of STAPLE STELLAR heels when its time to hang out. It's like heels are a part of our identity . But while those ultra sexy heels will give you glam factor and height they will also give you sore, slippery sliding, heel hurting, toe crunching, corn forming, need to sit down before I scream DISCOMFORT. Not all heels will have you feeling this way just some. So here are a few tips when dealing with all kinds of heel rocking problems.

1. If your feet are sliding to the front of your shoe simply take a can of hairspray and spray the inside of your shoe. It will make your foot a little sticky so your toes won't slide.

2. Scraping the bottom of your shoes with a pair of scissors will give you traction and prevent you from sliding and falling.

3. If you love heels but can't walk straight in them I first recommend practice walking in them a few times but you can also try a platform heel. Platforms are easier to walk in. However high the chunk under your shoe is takes away from the actual heel height. For example. let's say your rocking a pair of STELLAR Jeffrey Campbell Patriotic Lita shoes. The platform is 2 inches and the actual heel is 6 inches your really only wearing a 4 inch heel. You get it?

4. If your shoes are a little snug (because feet do swell) try putting on a pair of socks and walking around the house with your shoes on. It may hurt a little but doing this will stretch out your shoe and make it perfect for when you want to wear them to hang out.

5. Remember Fashion Is Pain so suck it up and be Beautiful and STELLAR!

The 70's Are Back!

The 70's looks are back ladies. Don't be afraid to go for tie dyes, headbands, palazzo pants, and platforms. Be Free in your 70's!

Gwen Stefani + Target

Target is on a roll collabing with some AMAZING designers lately. Well.... the mega store has done it again this November Gwen Stefani will launch her Harajuku Mini Collection at Target. The line will feature girls and boys apparel and will be budget-conscious with pieces starting at $3.99. I have a little sister so I can't wait for this line to launch!


Ladies if you follow me on Twitter @MsStarStyles you'll know that I tweeted about cute lounge wear yesterday. Feeling cute and sexy is not only for going out all the time. Sometimes you want to chill around the house in your pajamas and still look cute. I recommend going out and buying some cute chill even sexy around the house wear. Throw on a little makeup and your ready for your friends to come hang with you at your place or even for your honey to stop by and see you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Josie Natori + Target

Major designer Josie Natori will introduce a limited edition lounge wear collection for Target coming October 30th. The two part collection will feature camis, tops, bottoms, robes, chemises and more. I can't wait for this collection to hit stores.

Isn't her link necklace STAPLE STELLAR! Love it!

The L.B.D.

Thanks to Coco Chanel in 1926 inventing the L.B.D (little black dress) this staple item has become a part of every girls wardrobe. The LBD is the all around dress. You can wear it to work, a dinner date, a luncheon with your girls, a funeral ;( and even to the club. If you don't have an LBD in your closet drop everything your doing right now and go out and get one but not before I share with you my tips on shopping for an LBD that's perfect for your body type.

1. Curvy: If your a curvy girl try an LBD that has a v-neck or scoop neck to highlight your neckline. It will lengthen your body and accentuate your curves.

2. Top Heavy: If your top heavy your LBD should have alot of detailing on the bottom. It will give you some POW to match that God given POW your have going on up top.

3. Tall: Don't you love a wrap style dress in any color? I do... If your tall this is the style LBD you want to shop for. Its extremely flattering on your tall frame and will give you a little extra figure if your worried about looking too thin.

4. Short: If your short like me I always recommend an LBD that does not have too much detailing and design going on. Go for something more simple and clean cut and use accessories to spice the dress up. The simplicity of the dress will elongate your body making you look taller and slimmer.

Forever 21 Nail Polish

Forever 21 has a great collection of nail polishes that are really pigmented and have long wear. I picked these colors up a few days ago while I was in the store shopping for some sleep wear aren't they great. O! and you can't beat the price either $2.80 that's a STEAL!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Flow

This weekend my friend came down from NY to visit me at my new place and we definitely had a BLAST! We went out to eat a few times (Fat Girls lol) and met up with a bunch of friends from our track team in college and just had lots of fun. My girlie Ashley came with which made it even more fun she's a riot to be around. Unfortunately, I lost my brand new camera so I couldn't take any pictures the entire weekend #FAIL. So ladies this week there will be no personal style posts or videos ;( I'm just as sad as you are! But next week I should be back up and running with personal style posts and vids. Bare with me! Hope you ladies enjoyed your weekend. Love ya loads.

Toms Eye Wear

Guess what ladies? Popular shoe brand Toms has launched its newest 'One for One' stylish eye wear line for men and women.

The STELLAR eye wear ranges from $135 a pop to $145.

Love this quote! Rid yourselves of any unnecessary drama you may have going on in your life right now just be happy and enjoy life! ;)

'Hair Haven Chic'

Hey ladies meet Mareesa Valentine this weeks 'Hair Haven Chic'.

1. How long have you been natural?

"I've been natural for 3 years now and I love it.  My journey began Junior year of college.  I had gotten my first perm when I went to Hampton and didn't take care or keep up with the touch ups so I resort to getting weaves which pulled on my hair and it began to fall out.  By the end of sophomore year I went to my hair stylist and she did the "BIG CHOP".  I had a TWA (teeny weeny afro) that whole summer and I loved every moment of it.  The journey for me has been such a blessing because I have been able to explore my natural beauty and the versatility of my hair."

2. What are some of the challenges you face having natural hair?

"When my hair was shorter it was hard to capture the perfect twist out because of my length.  I also had a hard time with thinking of different hairstyles but thanks to blogs like these and youtube it has saved my life."


3. What products do you use?

"I've told all my readers and I will tell you guys that I live by Elasta Care Products; there moisturizing spray and feels like gel.  I love the way it keeps my hair soft daily and also hold it into place."


4. What style options have you tried and why do you like them?

"I've tired twist outs, braid outs, two strand twists, flat twists, blow outs, up-dos, roll and tuck styles, and also the popular janelle monae pin-up look.  I like them all because it allows me to express my creativity and I can style my hair according to the weather, wear I'm going, or for work."


5. Why did you decide to go natural?

"My decision to go natural was not by choice.  It took my hair falling out for me to figure out that my hair cannot handle the chemicals used to straighten black hair.  After my hair was cut off, I did have the choice to go back to relaxers but I fell in love with my own hair texture and took a vow to learn how to care for it without chemically altering it's curl pattern."


6. What are the advantages to having natural tresses?

"Versatility.  You can wear your hair curly or straight.  I love how long it grows.  Also, It's pretty cool to be that black girl who doesn't have to run for cover when it starts to sprinkle or can take a dip in the pool with no worry.  One last thing, it saves me a lot of money.  I only go to my hair stylist to get my ends trimmed twice a year and I do my hair myself, do the math."

To hear more from Mareesa check out her blog at and if you would like to be the next Hair Haven Chic send interests to

Alternate Uses For Nail Polish

Clear nail polish not only makes a girls nails look shiny, pretty and amazing but clear polish has some other GREAT uses.

1. Dab nail polish on a button and thread to keep the button on your clothing longer.

2. Coat costume jewelry with clear polish  to prevent it from tarnishing fast.

3. Prevent runs in stockings from getting any larger by dabbing a little clear polish over the run.

4. Dab clear polish on ends of frayed show laces to make it easier to loop into a shoe.