Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'Style Spotlight'

Ladies meet Taneishia Bundy a vintage fanatic from Baltimore, MD.

1. Describe your personal style.

"I would say my personal style could be described as "old lady meets young lady" I'm very into vintage clothing but pairing it with new items. My friends say i dress like an old lady ALL the time...
I love it when they say that! lol can we say COMPLIMENT!"

2. Who are some of your FAVE designers?

"As far as clothing... whoever designs for Forever21. LOL I'll be honest. I shop there a lot.. Also, i shop at a favorite thrift store in my city of Baltimore... I mean, I've even bought STAPLE pieces at WAL-Mart. i don't care where it comes from, or who designs it... If i like , i buy. Now, for shoes... Steven Madden, Nine West, Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, and Asos."

3. What beauty or clothing items do you own that make you feel like a million bucks?

"Whenever i put on "Velvet Teddy" matte lipstick By MAC lined with their "Plum" lip liner
I feel like a TRUE DOLL. i love that color."

4. Who's your celeb 'StyleCon'?

"Celebrity Stylecon... hmm, tough question... I would have to say Solonge Knowles !
That girl is fearless and she RARELY wears an outfit that i don't just absolutely LOVE."

5. When you think of the word FASHION what's the first thought that comes to mind?

"When i think of Fashion i think not being afraid to wear what you want...
but also wearing it because it LOOKS GOOD ON YOU. I hate when fashion trends roll around
and people try them KNOWING that trend may not be right for them... True fashion is being
able to decipher what looks good on you and ROCKING it"

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