Monday, July 11, 2011

"Hair Haven Chic"

So I decided to start a new 'Hair Haven Chic' segment. As you ladies know I am all natural been natural for 5 years and I love every bit of it. Each week I will feature one 'Hair Haven Chic' to give us the scoop on her natural tresses. This week check out Adrienne Thomas.

1. How long have you been natural?

"All my life! The only chemical I ever put in my hair is hair dye"

2. What would you say are the challenges to having natural hair?

"The challenges are trying to keep it straight because it frizzes up in humidity and being an athlete makes it almost impossible to keep straight when working out. My mom is Black and Native American and my dad is Black and White so I have many different textures within my hair..some parts curl very nice and others get more crinkly than curly which can be bothersome"

3. Name some of the products you use when styling your hair.

"My styling products include Giovanni and ALBA shampoo and conditioner..when I'm styling wet hair I put more regular conditioner in it and leave it keeps my curls soft."

4. What' your go to styling product?

"My go to styling product is whatever conditioner happens to be in my house! My mom and I try a lot of different products including organic ones"

5. What would you say are the advantages to having natural tresses?

"The advantages of having natural hair is that your're not damaging it with constant chemicals so it's healthier..and your less likely to have it break off or fall out from constant perms"

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