Thursday, July 21, 2011

Secrets To Heel Rockin

As a lady we all pretty much love throwing on a pair of STAPLE STELLAR heels when its time to hang out. It's like heels are a part of our identity . But while those ultra sexy heels will give you glam factor and height they will also give you sore, slippery sliding, heel hurting, toe crunching, corn forming, need to sit down before I scream DISCOMFORT. Not all heels will have you feeling this way just some. So here are a few tips when dealing with all kinds of heel rocking problems.

1. If your feet are sliding to the front of your shoe simply take a can of hairspray and spray the inside of your shoe. It will make your foot a little sticky so your toes won't slide.

2. Scraping the bottom of your shoes with a pair of scissors will give you traction and prevent you from sliding and falling.

3. If you love heels but can't walk straight in them I first recommend practice walking in them a few times but you can also try a platform heel. Platforms are easier to walk in. However high the chunk under your shoe is takes away from the actual heel height. For example. let's say your rocking a pair of STELLAR Jeffrey Campbell Patriotic Lita shoes. The platform is 2 inches and the actual heel is 6 inches your really only wearing a 4 inch heel. You get it?

4. If your shoes are a little snug (because feet do swell) try putting on a pair of socks and walking around the house with your shoes on. It may hurt a little but doing this will stretch out your shoe and make it perfect for when you want to wear them to hang out.

5. Remember Fashion Is Pain so suck it up and be Beautiful and STELLAR!

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