Monday, July 11, 2011

"Style Spotlight"

Ladies meet Tranease Harris DMV bred but now lives in Brooklyn, NY where she works as a stylist.

1. Describe your personal style.

"My personal style is Urban Chic....I'm never too girly however, I NEVER wear sneakers"

2. Since you work in the fashion industry what item do you feel is necessary for every girl to have?

" Every girl should have safety pins. Any garment can have a different look with just a pin and of course a pair of black 6 inch platform heels.

3. Who is your celeb 'StyleCon'?

"I pull ideas for my personal style from alot of individuals famous or not. If I had to choose a celeb which I look up to fashion wise I would definitely have to say the extraordinary June Ambrose"

4. What four words come to mind when you think of FASHION?


5. What has been your fave trend in the last two years?

"My fave trend in the past two years is drop crotch pants HANDS DOWN!"

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