Thursday, July 14, 2011

How To Rock A Romper

The Romper trend is one of this seasons most popular trends mainly because it's ultra comfy and ultra girly. If you're not sure if you can rock this trend check out my tips below on finding the perfect romper for your body type.

Romper Petite: if your petite stay away from rompers that have lots of design, ruffles or heavy fabric. Opt for something more simple. Vertical stripes and solid colors will lengthen you out making you seem taller and leaner.

Romper Tall: if your tall you have the advantage when rocking this trend because  your legs will look miles long which is always a plus. Make sure your romper fits well when it comes to your torso so you won't get the camel toe effect. You can pretty much go for any design. If your concerned about looking to tall and thin try color blocked patterned rompers it will give you volume and shorten you a tad bit.

Romper Curvy: for my curvy sistas try a romper that ties at the waist to avoid the fabric from looking too big and baggy. Also make sure the material is not hugging your goodies too tight, there should be enough room so that the fabric falls right over your frame.

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