Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Date Series: Meeting His Mom

It's always great when a guy invites you to dinner to meet his mom. It makes you feel like you've ARRIVED lol or at least he's really into you right? can also be a MAJOR fashion anxiety party as well, as you rack your brain on what to wear. Check out a few of my tips on how to dress for that special day.

1. Dress Classy, Not Trendy: you can never go wrong with dressing classy. Stick with classic pieces like blazers and knee length dresses/ skirts (pencil skirts are awesome). Try not to wear trendy pieces like bold tribal prints and palazzo pants not everyone understands trends but everyone understands class. I'm not saying wear a business suit but a nice color complimenting shift dress or wide leg slacks with heels and a chiffon top will definitely do the trick.

2. Don't Overdue The Makeup: for starters no one likes a cake face. Makeup is meant to look natural so don't pack on the makeup it will only distract his mom from getting to know who you really are. She'll be looking at your outlandish makeup rather than what's coming out your mouth.

3. Bag Personality: Show your personality through the handbag you carry. All women love a STELLAR handbag so be creative with what bag you carry. However, remember it's his mom so you don't want to go over board.

4. Be Yourself: I know this night might be a little intimidating and you want to definitely make a great impression on his mother but be who you are. I'm pretty sure if he loves you the mom will also. Be you, SMILE, LAUGH, and ENJOY the night!

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