Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My People

This week officially marks the end of summer. Bummerrrrrrrrr!!!!!! While I’m not looking forward to the freezing temperatures New York brings in the winter, I am excited about the Fall, over the knee boots, furs, hot cocoa, and of course layering up. To be honest, Fall is my favorite season of the year but I love New York summer’s. So, while the weather is still warm and I can rock a little sheer number I will.
On a more serious note, it truly saddens me when I begin to think about the current state of this country. I no longer believe “The land of the free” is so called “FREE” when black men are being slaughtered  for the color of their skin. It’s not a Black, White thing because neither you nor I woke up and decided you know what… I want to be White today or Chinese, or Indian, or any other race. It’s something we were born into. The issue is a love, hate thing and until this country can learn to love one another for the contents of their character and not their skin color more innocent black men will be killed. I’m disgusted and sickened by all of this. Saddened for my people. The only answer to these injustices is love. Vengeance belongs to God we will all have to answer Him one day. Now is the time for us as a people to come together more than ever. It’s not a time to be quiet. Let’s encourage one another to go back to school, get degrees, better our communities so we won’t have to fall victim to a system that is designed to kill us. We will become the system.

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