Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Think Pink

Hey loves… I fell in love with this cute little pink jumpsuit the moment I laid eyes on it. Not only because I have a weird obsession for jumpsuits lol but I feel like this jumpsuit is the perfect mesh of dressy and sexy kind of like a big glob of pink cuteness if that makes any sense. Anywho…. I keep having the weirdest thing happen to me…. Everyday I see the number 12:34 on the clock. It seems like even when I am trying to miss the number I see it 12:34…. 12:34…. 12:34. It’s so weird. Sometimes I think maybe it’s a sign, a sign of what I have absolutely no idea but nonetheless a sign. Like the universe is telling me something???? Ummmm…. maybe I don’t know. Does this happen to you? Let’s hope it represents love and peace and joy and all the positives things life has to offer right??? I don’t know but enjoy your day beauties see you in my next post.