Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Stripes

It’s Fridayyyyyyyyyy…. and although I don’t really have too much planned but to hit up the mall for a few beauty products and some jeans, I’m super excited to just relax. These past few weekends I have been out of town visiting friends/ family so it’s going be really good just to sit back in my apartment cuddle up to a few good movies and some pizza and just rest. O and by the way I started back at the gym this week which I was super stoked about. I stopped working out for about 3 months because of an injury I had but I’m back and ready to start running again. It sure did feel good this week to put in some mileage seems like it just makes the day that much better. Anywho…. I’m starting to ramble. Have a great weekend guys see you on Monday ;)

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