Monday, December 2, 2013

When It's Real

Hey guys I’m back…. And I absolutely enjoyed my Thanksgiving break it’s always so awesome spending time with family and friends, eating delicious food and sharing laughs with the people you love. Only bad thing is I didn’t step foot in the gym. Honestly, the gym didn’t even cross my mind lol I just wanted to spend as much time as I could with my nephews, little sister and my family.  While chatting sipping tea late at night with my fam the topic of love and relationships surfaced. How things are so different from how they used to be back in the day. It definitely got my wheels turning. Why is it that when we see old couples like my grandparents who have been together 40+ years, we aspire to have a relationship just like theirs we say something along the lines of  “o that’s real” or “they been through it all”. Why is this generation so different? You see more fakeness than real and it’s to the put where you can’t tell the real from the fake. So……. I came across this quote which breaks it all down for us by Trent Shelton (one of my fav inspirationalist). When it’s real and that guy/girl is really down for you, you will know it. Those are the relationships that last 40+ years. Enjoy
When it Real…..
You don’t just get a promise you get a commitment. You don’t just get a body to lay down with you get a heart that actually loves you, to wake up to. You don’t just get a partner you get a soul mate. Their actions follow thru with what they say they are going to do. They deliver on being the person what you need them to be. They don’t keep secrets from you. They don’t let people disrespect you or your relationship. They don’t stay cool with the people you have a problem with. When it’s real you don’t just get honesty…you get loyalty. Being honest doesn’t make them faithful….. loyalty does. Honesty doesn’t make them a good person it just doesn’t make them a liar. A loyal heart will never put itself in a position to have to tell the truth about living a lie. Don’t get me wrong, honesty will always be respected, but only through loyalty can someone be trusted. It’s great to be honest because you feel guilty but what’s even better is to not do something to make you feel guilty in the first place.
A heart that loves you doesn’t want to feed your insecurities, they want to stave them, they don’t want to put you in a position for you to question their commitment. When it’s real they don’t just communicate with you, they connect with you. They don’t just tell you that you’re special they actually make you feel it. They don’t just tell you what yall have is forever, they actually believe it. They have unsolicited appreciation, unguarded openness, an emotional bond with your heart that let’s you know that the love they have for you is real and not fake.
You know it real……
When you don’t have to question it, because they have given you no reason to doubt it, but it all starts with you. Protect your heart, know your worth.

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