Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oil Stains

Ladies spilling food and juice on your clothes is bound to happen at least once in your lifetime, but what if you spilled oil on a dress or shirt that was your absolute fave and because you don't know how to treat the stain you never wear that top of yours again. THAT SUCKS! Well...here are a few tips on how to treat an oil stain on clothing.

1. As soon as you get the grease or oil stain its VERY important to treat it. The quicker the stain gets attention the better the outcome.

2. Apply an absorbent like cornstarch, baby powder, salt or talcum powder and let it sit on the oil stain for 1 to 2 mins then brush it off.

3. You can try using dish detergent that specializes in grease removal like DAWN. Apply a few drops to the stain. Let it sit on top of the clothing item for a few minutes then take a paper towel and blot, blot. blot the stain. Then wash the garment as you regularly would.

*For more info on how to treat oil stains on clothing, carpet, etc... click the link*


John said...

Nice tips.
Oil stains can be also removed with a mild dish-washing soap or vinegar/water solution. Your tips are also good, though. :)

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Glad you guys enjoyed the post! ;)