Friday, October 5, 2012

"You are one of a kind, a true original, a masterpiece of incomparable value....And without you, the world would be incomplete like a puzzle missing a crucial piece. Right now in this one profound moment in time, you are perfect. As perfect as you were created to be. You are infinitely smarter than you give yourself credit for, and a thousand times more capable of achieving your dreams than you believe yourself to be.

Never, Ever, Doubt your own worth because even in those moments when you feel it the least, you are still wonderfully made and there is within every single cell of your being enough power to light the world. God placed if there the day you were born. Every loving thought you think radiates forward, brightening the world and making it a better place to be. That's how powerful you are, that's how loving you are." ;)

~ The Blessing Way 

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