Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Repeat…Repeat…Repeat!!!  There’s nothing wrong with it!! Hey ladies I liked these tribal print slouch pants so much I wore them again just styled it a little different this time. You can check out how I previously wore them below. I also opted for a darker lip this time just to try something new I’m usually in red so I figured a dark maroon would be a tad be different and take me out my comfort zone… what do you think?
On another note, I hope you ladies are having a wonderful day. It’s raining over here so this evening will be a pretty relaxed comfortable one. I have always enjoyed rainy days not only are they perfect for cuddling but I think they are great for thinking and reflection. Welp… gotta go I hope you enjoy today’s post TTYL ;)


Vivi N. said...

Nothing wrong with repeating an item...as long as it's styled differently. Great outfit!

melissa ward said...

Luv that hair!!!! Great look

Carsedra McKoy said...

Love this look, those pants are really cute. Loving the hair!!!

Carsedra of: