Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Your 20’s…. my my my the best years and sometimes feels like the worst years of your life. It’s like you’re not a kid anymore but inside you still feel like you are and aren’t… weird concept but you get my drift. I mean just think about it, in a span of 10 years you probably will have experienced every emotion imaginable or at least it feels that way, you move into your first apartment, you fall in love, get your heart broken and vow never to love that hard again. YEA RIGHT lol…. You move to foreign places, you land your first entry level job at the company you’ve always dreamed about, you and grind some more, you take risks you never even thought about, and do things that are so random you have to stop and question yourself. Your 20’s…. you start to create your own businesses, you start looking at the future in a way you never really thought you would because that was for the old people right??? You go crazy with your friends, tell secrets you vowed to take to the grave and you laugh boyyyyyyy do you laugh a lot.

I say all this to say, you find out who you are in your 20’s. It’s like you go on this personal journey with yourself to find out who and what makes you…. YOU. While I don’t turn 30 for another 3 years sometimes I find myself sitting back and looking at how much I have grown from 20 to now 27. I say to all you who are rushing… STOP. Enjoy the madness that makes you who you are in your 20’s. Allow yourself to feel every emotion you want to feel because your feelings are justified. Allow yourself to get hurt and learn from the hurt… trust me it always makes a better you in the end. Allow yourself to go on your own personal journey everything else is just background noise don’t listen to it. Get to know you and be happy with you. Allow your 20’s to teach, mold, and inspire.

Xoxo - Star

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