Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Year End Review

Goodbye 2012 and Hellooooo...... 2013 I welcome you with open arms ;). What an amazing year 2012 was for me, not only in the blogging world but in everyday life as well. For starters, I welcomed my second little bundle of joy into the world my lovely nephew Brent, I was featured In Essence's Top 50 Fashion Instagrammers, I got a wonderful new job that I absolutely love, and gained friendships with new people who are near and dear to my heart and strengthened the friendships I already had. I am so grateful to welcome another year and forever thankful to God for allowing me to see it (because there are so many people who didn't). This year I challenge you ladies to pursue your dreams like never before, to take those ideas that you have in your head and put them into action. Don't allow ANYONE to tell you that you can't do whatever it is that God has placed in your heart to do. Prove them wrong!!!! I challenge you this year to make a Prayer Box (click HERE). It will be one of the best things you have ever made. Finally, I leave you with these words Smile, Laugh, Be Encouraged and Hang In There when times get a little Rough because "All Things Work Together For The Good" :)


Black Butterfly said...

I love how your style is all over the place. Great blog!

MsStarStyles said...

Thank you so much chica I truly appreciate you checking out my page. Come again soon ;)

Ak Yasmine said...

amazing style!!