Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Prayer Box

Wondering what this box is all about? Well wonder no more because it's a prayer box. When I was younger my mother used to have one and now I do. The prayer box is a box full of of prayers, worries, wishes, all written out to God. My box is a little different than my mothers and yours will be different from mine because every box is unique. The box is meant to show how good God is (not that He needs to show it) but sometimes seeing how God has moved in our lives is important. The box will show how the Lord answers our prayers even the ones we think are no big deal like "Please let me find those discounted shoes I saw yesterday in the clearance section" lol lol lol Ok maybe that's a stretch but you get my drift. Every time you submit a concern, prayer, or request in the box you must write the day you wrote it and the time. After the Lord answers your prayer you must go back to that note and read what you requested or said and you'll see how God answered it. Trust me ladies you will be amazed. The little things you take for granted you will soon start seeing wow God you answered that small request. This box is not only for you to see the goodness of the Lord but it's meant to strengthen your Christian walk so you can reflect on how much you have grown knowing no matter what God hears your prayers and will come through according to His will. So if your interested in making your very own prayer box keep reading.

 What You Will Need
Old Shoe Box
Fabric Glue
3 Sheets of Designer Paper

 1. For starters, take the designer paper you would like for the lid of your box and lay it across the entire box, just to make sure you have enough paper to work with.

 2. Fold down the edges so of our paper so you can get a clear understanding of how you will cut and begin to fold your paper for the box.

 3. Once you've folded the edges, flip the paper over along with the lid and cut any excess paper you have.

4. Since you've cut the extra material off, now fold the paper you have inward.

 5. Using tape secure the edges and folds.

 6. Your lid should look like this now.

 7. Flip your lid back inside and now draw a rectangle large enough to fit a note in.

 8. Once you've drawn your rectangle using your scissors cut the rectangle out (as shown in above picture)

 9. Using another sheet of designer paper fold it in half and cut along fold.

10. Place your paper on one side of the box and fold over like so. After folding use your tape to secure the edges.

 11. Using the other half of the paper you cut out repeat steps 9 and 10 for the other side.

 12. Once both sides of your box are completed take another sheet of designer paper (your preference) and fold that paper into fours.

 13. Now cut along the folds.

 14. You will only need 2 of the 4 squares you cut. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for both smaller sides of the box.

 15. Once your box is done it should look similar to this.

 16. Now here's the fun part. Grab all your little trinkets to decorate the box how you would like it. Be Creative and have fun!
Take a look at my completed prayer box with today's note. Ladies I really hope you enjoy your box I can't wait to hear how the Lord answered some of your prayers. :)


Kerissa said...

Great idea! Again I'm not crafty so I would fail in the create a box department, lolll but this post reminded me to go back to my prayer journal. Thanks :)

MsStarStyles said...

Your so welcome ;)