Friday, June 1, 2012

What's In My Bag?

Hey Ladies, I know the "What's In My Bag?" posts have been pretty popular for awhile now so since I have yet to do a post like that HERE IT IS........"What's In Star's Bag?". For starters, I don't really carry too much in my bags just because it's so hard to find things when you have a million and one things in there, so I try to just stick to the basics.

(from left to right)

1.Nine West Wallet: I recently received this wallet as a gift and boy was I happy when I got it because my old one was starting fall apart, like literally the threading was coming undone lol. I love the color of this one and it has a million pockets which makes it a lot easier for me to carry everything I need.

2. Liplicious Lip Gloss: I have had this lip gloss for a year now. I bought it from Forever 21 for $2.80 and it is the best lip gloss I currently own. Not to mention it takes really yummy (not that I'm eating it or anything lol) but you get my drift. It's long-lasting and keeps my lips very glossified.

3.Victoria Secret "Pure Seduction" Body Mist and Lotion: I like to keep lotion and body spray in my bag and car at all times. You never know when you might need a little freshening up or some lotion to get those ashy hands and elbows, so right now I'm wearing this.

4. SmartTrip Card: If you live in the DC/MD/VA "DMV" area you are definitely familiar with this little card. If not, I use this card to catch the trains to go back and forth to work and travel around here.

5. Samsung Vibrant Phone: Although this thing has a mind of it's own and shots off all the time, and dies in the middle of my conversations, and freezes, and drops calls (have you noticed anything yet lol) this is my phone. #TeamDROID

6. Olympus Voice Recorder: I faithfully carry this voice recorder, my business cards (in my wallet), and my camera with me on a daily basis. I don't know if it's the Journalism major in me but I feel like everyday is a new day to capture something or someone. You have to be prepared for whatever.

7. Nail Polish: These are my 2 fave polishes at the time "Office" and "Poppy" by American Apparel. They have the absolute BEST polishes quick drying, and very pigmented.

8. Revlon's ColorStay Eyeliner: I recently made the transition from cream eyeliner to liquid. I've noticed liquid lasts a lot longer and doesn't run as much as cream does.

9. MAC Lipstick: truthfully speaking these are the only 2 lipsticks I own from MAC, together they create the perfect nude lip.

10. Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara: ladies, this is mascara "crack". If you have yet to try this where have you been? I love this stuff and even got my mom hooked on using it. No clumps and lots of volume to your lashes.

11. Elf Red Lipstick: I wear a red lip quite often and this is the shade I use. I bought it from Target about 2 months ago from their Elf Collection for $3. 

12. Micheal Kors Watch: My go-to watch to add a little glam to my fits.

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