Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY: Color Block Thread Bracelets

Ladies want a quick and easy way to spruce up a bland outfit without going out and spending loads of money on jewelry???? If so, here's a great inexpensive summer DIY project you can do with your best friends that's sure to turn heads and take that Drab Fit to Fab Fit. Not only will you have loads of fun doing it, you can be as creative as you would like, so I hope you ladies enjoy this one!!!! ;)

 What You Will Need
Lots of Embroidery Thread
Super Glue
Shower Curtain Rings (buy according to your wrist size)

 1. For starters grab one ring, your super glue, and choose which threads you would like to use on your bracelets.

 2. Now, measure how long you would like your first thread to be and cut it.

 3. Super glue the beginning of the thread to the curtain ring. Make sure you apply an ample amount of glue because you don't want your thread to unravel. After applying, let the glue air dry for 10 seconds.

 4. Wrap the thread around your curtain ring until you would like to stop. Remember you want your threading to be as tight as possible so it may help to push each piece together after wrapping it.

 5. To switch colors simply tie a knot to the previous strand you are working with. After tying your knot be sure to overlap the new color onto the previous one just a little, to prevent the knot from showing.

 6. When the thread has come to the end of the curtain ring, super glue it to the ring. Let air dry for 10 secs and Voila your all done ;)

7. Be as creative as you would like, mix and match, make designs do whatever your like. Here's a few of the ones I did! I love how they turned out!


Kerissa said...

Found you blog from your feature on Melissa's blog Faith Family Fashion. First let me say the words are inspiring! Secondly, you are truly a style star. I've been reading post after post for the last few minutes and my itch to shop went away until I saw these. I'm so not creative but this I can do. I need a pick me up and this just might do it :)

MsStarStyles said...

Greatttttttt!!!! Glad I helped brighten your day ;) THanks so much for all the comments and love it truly means alot. This DIY is super easy so go for it girlie!