Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where Is My Adam?

Hey ladies so yesterday me and one of my closest friends were chatting and she told me to check out this Christian blog Heather Lindsey she has been reading lately. So, immediately when I got home I logged onto my laptop and checked it out and mannnnn o mannnnnnnn was I so amazed. I schemed through the entire blog reading posts not recognizing that time was flying by before you know it, it was 10pm and I still hadn’t even started to pick out my clothes for work the following morning, or better yet even eat dinner. I came across one of Heather’s post that immediately got my wheels turning. A topic that I think every woman has thought at one point in time in their lives “Where Is My Adam?” I liked the post so much I decided to re post it here on my blog. Ladies the post is pretty wordy but DEFINITELY a must read. Check it out below as well as today's outfit of the day and don’t forget to subscribe to her blog. J Enjoy…..

Ever asked yourself this question? I get this question a TON from my sisters in Christ. They are trying to be patient as they watch everybody else change their relationship status on Facebook from .. Single.. to "In a Relationship" to "Engaged" & then "Married"-- and every summer they dread getting fifty million wedding invitations. 

You could be serving Jesus with ALL of your heart and pushing a certain age. As the world around you seems to be skipping off in the wind, you may feel like WHEN is my time GOD??! WHEN is my ADAM going to WAKE up and find me???!  God, I serve you-- I LIVE for you-- I serve in the church, I'm a virgin or a born again virgin-- I'm turning down these guys left and right because they are a hot mess and they're sorta saved. I mean, I deserve a great guy. I want kids, I want to start a family, I'm a good catch! WHAT is the issue GOD??!??! You may paste.. a smile on your face but deep down, its a lingering question in your heart. At times, you get down about it every now and then. My beautiful sister in Christ.. I want to encourage you-- YOU are being PREPARED for not just a man-- but the very PURPOSE you were being created for. It's much bigger than you having a pair of thighs in your bed. 
So if you ever asked yourself this question. I pray that this encourages you.

If you don't understand what I mean about your Adam waking up.. check this out these quick summaries:

Genesis 2:18- “It’s NOT good for man to be alone—I’m going to create a help mate for him.” (ladies, I didn’t write it—God did) YOU’RE a HELP-MATE. God has placed so many beautiful gifts inside of you to HELP your man to fulfill everything that God has called him to do. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a career or a life as I work an own a consulting company where I work full time and I’m in ministry full time.  The above scripture doesn’t say—I’m going to create a leader for him. So stop trying to run your man. (I’ll blog about the 2012 woman at later time)

Then, Adam gave PURPOSE to every thing in verse 19, 20 and went on and named all of the animals. He called them a name with a PURPOSE. Which means.. that if you’re in a relationship that doesn’t carry a purpose, you probably shouldn’t be in it.

Let’s get to the meat of your “Adam.”

“Vs. 21- And the Lord God caused a DEEP sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept and took one of his ribs & closed up the flesh thereof; vs. 22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman and brought her unto the man. Vs. 23 And Adam said, “THIS is now bone of my bone & flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of man—therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother & cleave to his wife.”

Ok—so the ABOVE scripture tells me that EVE did nothing in light of pursing Adam. She didn’t have to SWITCH all hard past him, dress half naked, sleep with him, tell him that “HE was gonna be her hussssband” or anything else. God PREPARED her behind the scenes and when she was FULLY prepared—God presented her perfectly for Adam and guess what—ADAM recognized her!! He wasn’t confused with her & the billy goat or the horse—He KNEW that Eve was his wife. There was no question. So run from the man that is confused about who he wants to be with. You are NOT someone’s option. YOUR Adam will quickly recognize YOU & take action to lock you in because he will SEE your great value and worth. He wouldn’t dare do anything to mess up the relationship because he wouldn’t want to lose you OR see you go to another “Adam.”

So the above tells me that …

  1. Every relationship that you do have—should have purpose, whether male or female. (And no, guys & girls cannot be friends—I blogged about it here)
  2.  You should stop settling for a bunch of randoms that want to date you when convenient. You’re trying to fill VOIDS that can only be filled by CHRIST. So, just stop it.
  3.  If you have to sit and question a guy—he ain't the one.
  4.  God is the best matchmaker—HE organizes & prepares OUR life for His glory.
  5.  Your Adam is in a DEEP sleep & that’s why HE hasn’t FOUND you.
  6.  When God wakes him up—you both will be able to recognize each other.
  7.  Calm down
  8.  Ladies, you’re a help mate—You’re supposed to HELP him—why are you trying to help a  wanna-be-rapper with no job, no vision, no future and 5 baby mamas?
  9. You are to help him to accomplish the purpose of God over your life.. not helping to each other to your bodies prior to marriage.
  10. You cannot wake up your Adam—clearly, God put Adam in a deep sleep & woke his tail up.

So now that we see all of that—STOP going around and trying to wake up your Adam! STOP trying to get him to see your body, hips, and thighs and focus on spending time with CHRIST and letting CHRIST develop this crazy inner beauty about you. And I ain't trying to toot my own horn because I WAS a straight train wreck while I was single but one thing I did do—was spend crazy time with God. As you spend this crazy time with Him.. He begins to put this light on you, an anointing. I made spending time with God a PRIORITY every SINGLE day—I would pour out, get on my face, pray often, meditate on scriptures like it was fresh water & I stalked Jesus. MEN were DRAWN to my anointing. Yeah, they probably thought I was cute too—but there’s a ton of “cute” not saved women out there. It was the CHRIST in me that they were drawn TO. When guys would meet me—they would say that they were so drawn to me  & wanted to run off in the wind & get married. Thus, it made it harder to weed them out & stay focused on Christ because I HAD them banging down my door. Now—let me also say this—they weren’t WHAT I knew I was supposed to be with, thus—I never dated them.

You may be in a situation where you feel like no guys call you or try to talk to you. Trust me—this is even better then having fifty million randoms banging down your door. IT is very distracting. In the midst of the randoms.. I just knew that God had the right one for me. Of course, I could have married ANY of them.. but I just KNEW that there was one that I would go & start a ministry with and travel all over this crazy world & share Christ.  God told me my purpose in 2003 after we had a date night together. He told me that I would travel all over this world & preach the gospel and that millions of people will come into the knowledge of WHO He is through me & my husband’s ministry. Now—I had just broke up with my little boyfriend from college so I was thinking—wow! I have a huge standard. Just can’t marry anybody.

I want to encourage you sisters. Satan is after your mindset. He wants you to think that you’ll be like sister so & so & single your whole life. He wants you to think that you’ll never get married. He wants you to think that you’ll be too old to have kids, He wants you to believe his stupid LIES. IF you believe his lies, you’ll be WAY too wrapped up & distracted to do what God called you to do. You’ll serve in church but deep down, your heart will hurt & you’ll grow frustrated. I want to challenge you to have JOY RIGHT NOW. No matter what season you’re in!! Some of you may think that.. it’s “easy” for me to say that because I’m married but my DUE date for marriage was August 14th 2010. YOU have a due date for marriage that has been PRE-ARRANGED by Christ.. and there’s NOTHING you can do right NOW to make that time come any quicker. Being pissed off at God & everyone else who is getting married sure won’t make that season come any sooner. So, dear daughters of Jesus.. rest sis. God loves you. He’s with you. He cares for you. He hasn’t forgotten about you. Your Adam will wake up in DUE time but that just can no longer be the focus of your mindset & cares. If you DRILL in your head that you’re going to trust God and HIS timing & be determined to enjoy life.. YOU will. If you drill in your head .. stupid love songs & stalking your ex boyfriends new life & girlfriend on his facebook page, you’re going to be sad & down. Keep your eyes on your OWN grass & water that grass.. clean it up… make it pretty. Let God develop beautiful gifts & areas into your heart. Pass some tests. Stop being so darn emotional. Surround yourself around positive women. Stop going to the club to find you a man. STOP having sex with randoms.  Stop complaining about your “time.” Bring something to the table of your one-day marriage besides discontentment your entire single life.

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