Monday, September 30, 2013

Ball Gaming

It’s Mondayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….. I know I know Monday’s aren’t always our favoritest day of the week but none the less it is here ;) I have some exciting news today. This past weekend I went out and got a new camera whoooppppp whoopppppppp J and I absolutely love it. If you follow me on Instagram @MsStarStyles you will see that I posted a pic of my new beauty a few days ago. I had been wanting a new camera for awhile, but a great camera is definitely an investment so it took me some time to save up and buy one. I’m telling you this not only because I spent most of my weekend fiddling with my new toy, but also because I plan on starting a YouTube channel in the very near future so ladies and gents look out for that soon. Also if you guys have any requests please let me know. Well….I hope you had a great and amazing weekend and I’m praying you also have a great week ahead of you. Think positive, avoid all the negative things that may be trying to rear their ugly head at you, and be kind to everyone even when you don’t feel like it. In the meantime in between time enjoy today’s quote and I will talk to you guys soon love ya xoxo
No relationship is ever
a waste of time.
If it didn’t bring you
what you want,
It taught you what you
don’t want.

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