Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wild Cat Makeup Tutorial ---- Follow On Instagram @MsStarStyles for the Final Look & Video

Your going to start out with a freshly washed clean face.

Using a primer of your choice apply product all over your face as a base.

After your base has been completely rubbed into your skin grab your favorite concealer and conceal under your eyes, above and below your brows, and other places you may have blemishes.

 Foundation Time...... apply foundation all over your face and BLEND....BLEND....BLEND.... Set it with a powder of your choice.

Using a brow pencil fill, fill in your brows a little darker than you normally would for your everyday makeup.

Go back to your concealer and conceal directly under your eyebrows. This will give the brows shape and enhance their look.

Now using a bronzer, contour the hollows of your cheeks to give your face some depth. I’m making this kissy face so you guys know exactly where to apply your bronzer.

After contouring, use a pretty pink light blush to apply to your cheeks. Do this very lightly just to give your face a little color. SN: please excuse my busted nails it’s definitely time for a mani lol ;)

Now it’s time to have fun…. Prime both your eyelids with an eyelid primer. This will ensure that your makeup stays on all night.

Starting with a subtle brown your going to apply this color directly to the crease of your eyelids.

Using an off white eye shadow apply this directly to your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyelids.

Now using a black eye shadow create a very dramatic winged cat eye. Making sure you do not apply the shadow to your eyelid.

Using a gold loose pigment apply this color directly to your lid and blend out.

Take a felt tip liquid liner and darken the wings of your lid and line your top and bottom lids.

Draw a downward wing in the inner corners of your lids using your liquid liner , then fill it in.

It’s Falsieeee Timeeee…. Take your favorite lashes and apply, Then using mascara apply this to your lashes so both the fake lash and your lash will blend.

Using a dark brown apply a strip down the sides of your nose on each side and BLEND…BLEND…BLEND… this will create the illusion of having a skinner nose just like a cat.

Using a black liner start drawing your cat nose and fill it in. Then draw black dots on both sides of your nose.

Draw your whiskers on and make a face like mine lol lol lol

Continuing with your black liner draw small C’s, U’s, circles and dashes along your forehead and sides of your cheeks. This will give you the spotted effect.

Using the gold pigment you applied to your eyelids fill in the dots and circles. Oh! and add white liner to your waterline for that POP effect.

Your almost there.

Using a red lip liner line your lips then apply your favorite matte red lipstick.

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