Friday, December 18, 2015

Gotham Girl

They say everyone has an alter ego. A side they don’t always portray but you see it peak out every now and again. When it comes to style I think it’s important to have that. I mean come on who wants to dress the same every day of their lives. BORINGGGGGGGGG!!!! I think mine would be somewhere between punk rock skate board chic and all black all the time. My love for color just won’t allow me to make that happen every day. So, I am absolutely okay with channeling that side of me from time to time, which I did in today’s look. There’s something about wearing all black that leaves a hint of mystery and curiosity. Depending on how it’s styled you can go from sleek, edgy, and glammed up to Gothic inspired and relaxed. I chose the latter. I snagged these chunky suede OTK boots on sale 2 weeks ago and knew they were a little out of the norm for a girl who loves heels. But I figured they would be a great piece to add to my wardrobe for days when that all black skater girl chic decides to show up.

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