Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Styling Contest

To all my lovely ladies who follow this blog. I just entered a styling contest and would love for you ladies to vote for me HERE just click the "LIKE" button. I really appreciate it and if I'm one of the lucky 24 people chosen I will be hosting a giveaway for a lucky winner. Thanks so much and VOTE...VOTE....VOTE... ;)


Nic said...

CRAZY!!! my friend just told me about this contest and i just entered. LOL. good luck :-)


major said...

It was awesome meeting you today at the Launch party :) Your blog rocks and you have a great personality :)

and best of all YOU ROCKED THOSE LITAS... I have a disdain for thoses shoes but this outfit blends them into normal and chick.. instead of clownish... great post

- M


MsStarStyles said...

Thanks I appreciate the love it was a pleasure meeting you as well hopefully we will run into each other at other events. ;)