Thursday, November 24, 2011

Makeup Chat

While I was in Miami I got a chance to chat with some of the many makeup artists for the 24 hour Cotton Fashion Show. Backstage I spoke with Kerleen Perkles about all her makeup Do's, Don'ts and must haves.......

1. What would you say are the top trends in makeup right now?
"The top trends I would have to say are bold lips, a winged smokey eye because everyone loves a smokey eye and a natural clean dewy look."

2. What are your Top 3 drugstore makeup foundations?
" Revlon, Loreal, and Covergirl"

3. What are your Top 3 favorite high-end makeup foundations?
"Makeup Forever would have to be my number 1. Alot of makeup artists use Makeup Forever, then it would have to be Chanel and Giorgio Armani"

4. What's your biggest makeup DON'T?
"The eyebrows!! Alot of people tend to draw their eyebrows on too thick or too harsh and it doesn't look natural so it's a must that when you do your eyebrows make sure to go very lightly over them first. Use your hand to very lightly fill them in."

5. What are some makeup tips and tricks every makeup wearer should know?
" Vaseline can be used with eye shadow to create a cream eye liner. If you want your brows to look sharp and clean and you don't have time to go get them done you can always use concealer under your brow for a sharpening effect, and lastly wearing concealer on your lips before applying red lipstick will make it last longer and matte it out."

6. For a beginner what are your  makeup kit essentials?
"A lip pencil, foundation, setting powder and I have to say a good lipstick oooo and bronzer."

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