Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY: Create Your Own Clutch Purse

Ladies you all are going to love this super easy 10 step DIY project. All it takes is a few items and you can create just about any clutch you want for cheap. The days of spending tons of money on a purse are over because now you can create your very own.

What You Will Need
Table Mat $1.99
Measuring Tape
Straight Pins
Sewn on Snaps
Piece of Cardboard

1. Fold the bottom half of the place mat to your desired length.

 2. Now using your measuring tape measure each side to make sure they are even. (Mine is just a little over 6 inches long)

 3. Once both sides are equal in length take 2 straight pins and put them at the top of each corner. This will hold the material in place while you prep for sewing.

 4. Your mat should look like this after placing the straight pins in the top corners.

 5. Now measure about 14 inches of thread and pull it through the needle.

 6. Starting from the INSIDE with your first stitch (you don't want the knot to show). Continue sewing until you have reached your straight pin. Try your best to sew over the threading already on the mat.

 7.Once you've completed this side it should look similar to this. Now, repeat step 6 on the opposite side. 

 8. Here's what your bag will look like after both sides are sewn.

 9. Now that your bag is just about finished, take 2 straight pins and mark the area you would like to sew each snap on. Fold the flap over and sew the snaps.
10. Whaaaa-Laaaaaa here's what your clutch will look like at the very end. If you want, cut out a piece of cardboard from a shoe box and place it inside your clutch to make it a little sturdier. (My purse is filled with a few things in this pic, I couldn't wait to wear it)

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