Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY: Infinity T-Shirt Scarf

What You Will Need 
100% Cotton T-Shirt (Large)
Measuring Tape
Extra Material of your choice

 1. Start by laying your tee out and cutting across the material from sleeve to sleeve.

 2. Your shirt should look like this after cutting.

 3. Discard the top portion of your shirt. We will only be working with the bottom half for this DIY.

 4. Now, using your scissors cut off the bottom hem of the shirt.

 5.The bottom should look like this as your cutting.

 6. Using your measuring tape cut out 1 inch strips across the shirt, making sure you leave about 1 inch at the very top. Repeat this step until you reach the end of the shirt.

 7. Once you've cut your 1 inch strips across the shirt it should look like this.

 8. Now, gather the top portion of the shirt in your hand.

 9. Like this.

 10. Here's the fun part, pull on EVERY strand to create a thinned out rolled effect.

 11. Once every strand is pulled your scarf should look like this.

 12. Using the extra material of your choice wrap it around the part of the scarf that is not rolled. This will hold your scarf together.

 13. Here's my completed look after wrapping my extra material. 

 14. WAA-LAA your Infinity Scarf is all done!

I LOVE the way my scarf turned out. I'm even thinking about using some jewelry hooks and creating fun Spring/Summer necklaces like this.

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