Monday, August 26, 2013

O Snapples She's Wearing Pineapples

Ladies the way a man treats you is directly indicative of how he really feels about you. Now, when I say “treats” I don’t mean the compliments he gives you, or the places he takes you out to eat, or some other innocuous or superficial thing. When I say “the way a man treats you”. It’s about how much of his life does he let you in. How much of his soul does he let you see. How much do you guys truthfully share. If you feel like he’s treating you like a jumpoff or a friend with benefits, it’s probably because that’s exactly what you are to him. If he shares his life, his world, his everything with you and treats you just how you deserve to be treated than that’s probably what you are to him “His Queen”. Ladies take notes and know your role in a that man’s life.

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Grace Alex said...

I stalk your blog you are amazing