Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Seeing Stars

I have always been a huge fan of stars and as corny as it may sound my name may have a little something to do with that “STAR-ema”. However, I remember as a child asking my mom to buy me those little glow in the dark stars that you stick to your bedroom ceiling wall. At the time, I thought they were just the coolest things in the world and it was only fitting for me “Star” to have a “star” designed room. As I grew older I never lost my interest in stars. Those mystical, massive, fiery balls of plasma held together by gravity. It’s like I became engulfed with the idea of star everything, and unlike my childhood it wasn’t just because my name began with the word. It was something about the stars that was so amazing to me, inspiring, yet mysterious. Now that I am a lot older I have come to realize that the stars are one of God’s greatest creations. I mean think about it the Sun is the largest star in the entire universe. It illuminates the world we live in, all 6 billion people, without it what would all of humanity do? Digging a little deeper I began to think about life….. and how God sends us our own little stars. The people who illuminate our lives, brighten our days, make us reach for more, encourage our dreams and make us become better people. I mean just think about it, it’s because of those little stars in your life, you have become the person you are right now. Whether it’s your best friend, soul mate, teammate, mother, father etc. God specifically placed them exactly where he wanted them to be, so you can shine a little brighter. So appreciate the stars God gives you because life is short.

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Calypso42 said...

Hi Star, I love your post. I never thought about stars that way. It made me think about how many stars do I have in my life. My biggest star is God. Thanks !!