Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baked EyeShadows

Late last night I was up playing around with makeup testing out some foundations and eye shadows I haven't used in awhile and I came across my Baked Eye Shadow Quads. I completely forgot how much I loved using them. Ok.. so your probably wondering what the whole Baked thing is all about right? Well....these eye shadows can be used with water to create a higher pigmentation. Just wet the tip of your makeup brush pick up some of the product and apply it to your eyes. You will notice a huge difference from the wet application than the dry application. I did a swatch for you girls so you can see the huge difference. These baked shadows are PERFECT for creating a dramatic look or smokey eye! I've fallen back in love with them!

(Top) used eyeshadow with water then swatched. (Bottom) no water just the eyeshadow. Big difference huh!

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