Monday, August 8, 2011

Five Carry-On Essentials

With summer coming to an end in about a month or two, ladies try and get your last vacays out the way before the fall breeze fills the air. BUT before you book that ticket and board that plane check out my TOP 5 Carry On Essentials.

1. Be Comfortable: for starters you want to wear something comfortable for your flight. So I suggest rocking a legging and tunic look. Leggings are SUPER comfy and look STELLAR if paired with the right shoes and top and tunics provide that extra room your looking for.

2. Small Pillow: I love to sleep even when I'm not flying so a pillow is an absolute MUST in my carry on.

3. Lipgloss: now I know there are a lot of regulations on liquids when it comes to flying but if you can....try to carry on a great long lasting lipgloss. (I love Covergirl and Victoria Secret) Lipgloss can INSTANTLY boost a face.

4. Gum: for those ladies who have constant ear popping while flying try bringing along some chewing gum to combat those popping ears.

5. MP3 Player: whether it's your phone or a separate device good tunes always make for a good flight!

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