Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Hair Haven Chic"

Hey ladies meet Arionne Allen, she's this week's 'Hair Haven Chic'. This post is EXTRA special for me because Arionne was my roommate and teammate in college ;) She's the one who really inspired me to go natural. I still remember her cutting off some of my permed hair one night in the dorm. I was so nervous lol ;) but that's my girl! Love ya Ari. Ladies check out her hair journey.

1. How long have you been natural?

"Actually, I have been natural all of my life, so 25 yrs. My mother was the reason behind this. She had bad experiences with perms (burned scalps, hair falling out, etc.) not to mention, it could save her money.

2. What products do you use on your hair?

"I am actually still looking for the right combination of hair care products but the ones that I use often are:
Hair Color: Clairol Flaming Desire and Red hot Red (i use this because there is no ammonia in it)
Shampoo:  Original Creme of Nature (oldy but goody, my mom used it)
Conditioner: Pantene Pro-V relaxed & natural dry to moisturize (makes my hair feel soft and manageable after color treatments)
Hair Lotion: Olive Oil hair lotion (makes my hair soft), Carol's Daughter Hair Balm (light oil that won't clog the pores)
Gel: Jam regular hold (doesn't leave residue)
Leave-in Conditioner: Creme of Nature spray conditioner (leaves a nice sheen and smells great)

3. What styles do you ROCK the most?

"I love wearing my hair out after a lose two strand twist. It's no stress on my hair and looks good."

4. What challenges have you faced with your natural tresses?

"People have criticized me for wearing my hair natural (friends, family members, coworkers). As a child it would bother me, as I got older I realized it they didn't know better. It was an internal insecurity they possessed."

5. What words of advice would you give girls that are thinking about going natural?

"To be natural isn't just a trend, it is a life style! Love yourself, be confident always,even during your WORST hair days and embrace your natural  born beauty!!!!"

6. What would you say are the advantages to having natural hair?

"All of the different styles that i can wear (puffs, a fro, twist, braids) I can even wear it straightened if I wanted to. :) AND definitely not having to run for cover when it rains outside!"
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