Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas For Him and Her

Christmas is in 6 days and if your anything like me your still shopping for that special person in your life. You just don't know what to get him or her so you've put it off until the very last minute hoping the perfect gift will come to mind. Well, I'm here to give you a little assistance.

In my opinion, men can be rather hard to shop for during Christmas but you have to remember ladies they are simple. A little this, a little that and waa- laa their happy. A game here, a tv there lol and they are in heaven.However, if your not into spending big money this Christmas check out my list for him.

1. Wallets- they make a great gift because every man needs a nice leather wallet. You can even go the extra step and get his name or initials engraved on it for a few extra dollars.

2. Pajamas- most men don't invest in pajamas. Majority of the time you can see them lounging around the house in some old sweatpants or athletic gear.So buying him some comfortable pajamas and slippers will be an awesome surprise.

3. Itunes Music Card- Everyone loves music so an Itunes music card is perfect for him. Get him a $25 dollar card and he can load games, music, just about anything onto his Ipod.

4. Watch- they say you can tell how hard a man works by his watch. So get him something that says he's a hard working man. Remember, you don't have to break the bank to get him a really nice looking watch.

For Her
Women are easier to shop for (and it's not just because I'm a woman). There are so many great gift options to give a woman. Here's a few tips on finding the perfect one.

1. Perfume- Every girl loves smelling good especially around her man so buy her some of her favorite perfume she will love the gift I can guarantee.

2. Flowers- Flowers are a girls best friend right next to diamonds. Buy her a dozen roses and her favorite candy. It will show her you were thinking of her and it definitely says your a romantic.

3. Purse- Just like a wallet a woman loves a nice bag. Men remember you don't have to break the bank buying her a designer bag something nice, leather, and chic will be just as good.

4. Makeup- If your girl is into makeup when she's away sneak into makeup pouch and find the names of her favorite lipstick or foundation. She won't be expecting for you to know this, so it will be a great surprise.

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