Friday, December 9, 2011

Style Spotlight

As you ladies and gents know last month I was one of 24 style icons selected to take part in Cotton's 24 hour fashion show. Well, while I was in Miami for those LOVELY 4 days I got the chance to meet Fred, Ladonna and Ralph and we instantly just clicked. It's so weird how you can never know someone and instantly feel like you've met a life long friend. I was so inspired by Fred's style the entire time I was down there so I just knew he had to be my first male "Style Spotlight". So here he Fred Jerome.

1. Describe your personal style.
"My personal style is trendy with an edge. I like taking clothes that are in style and putting the "Fred" spin on them with a bold hat, shoes or a scarf to give me that edge. I would also say my style is very versatile because I love trying different things with fashion."

2. Who would you say is your celeb stylecon?
 "My celeb style icon would definitely be Kanye West. Mr. West has always been a trendsetter and isn't afraid to take risks, like wearing women's fashion and making it look masculine. His swagger makes it all the more better. Pure Style"

3. What are your three favorite trends right now?
"In men's fashion my three favorite trends of course are skinny jeans, slim ties, and the infamous denim jacket"

4. Fashion is..............?
"Fashion is whoever you are. If you are bold and colorful or dark and edgy it all comes across in your style. Fashion is about taking clothes and making it your own. It's about creating your own personal style. To me fashion is a way of life"

5. Do you think it takes lots of money to be fashionable?
"Personally, I do not have lots of money, and I know people who enjoy fashion that are avid thrift shoppers. You definitely don't have to have lots of money to look fashionable. Shopping clearance racks is my favorite hobby and even thrifting for vintage pieces is hot."

6. What tips would you give others that want to develop their own personal style?
"Always be yourself and look at fashion blogs for current trends and inspiration. Don't be afraid to test the waters of fashion because that's what makes fashionistas stand out from the crowd and ALWAYS no matter what be confident."

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