Friday, December 9, 2011


I have always enjoyed writing and reading. I used to sit in my rooms for hours and read, read, read, and at night I would journal. I guess when your young you just consider it as writing in your "Diary". But as I got older I stopped journaling as much until NOW! I decided I would start journaling again but this time it wouldn't be about a secret crush, or what outfit I wanted to wear to the school dance. This time I decided to journal about things that inspire me, random thoughts of inspiration, and bible scriptures that would better me. So to make this long story short, if your not a journaler (is that a word) try it out it's a great way to get in touch with the inner you ;)


That Girl E... said...

I love it, I started my journaling back up on the 28th of November and it def help to release your thoughts on paper.

Nic said...

i love journaling and have just gotten back into it. writing is such great thearpy.


MsStarStyles said...

I definitely agree with you ladies. Journaling is such a great therapy I don't know why I stopped for so long but I'm glad I'm back at it. ;)

SharieceG said...

I have two journals that I write in & I love reading.

I think it can help you a lot.

I love it.

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