Friday, December 2, 2011

Hela Salon and Spa Beauty and Style Soiree

Last night I attended the Beauty and Style Soiree held at Hela Salon and Spa. It was my first time every being there and I was highly impressed. The salon and spa was equipped with everything to make you feel like a million bucks massage rooms, acupuncture, dentistry, the whole nine yards I had an amazing time viewing the facility and got the chance to go one on one with Joelle from Joelle Skin Care. It was a pleasure chatting with her and asking her questions about skin. Check out my one on one.

1. What tips would you give to women ages 20-30 on maintaining healthy facial skin?
" In your 20's your skin is at a healthy state you just want to keep it there as long as you can so you definitely want to avoid sun bathing. Also, consider your lifestyle and  how you are eating. Lastly, don't use alot of products on your face. Three products is all you really need unless you are correcting something, that can be your fourth product simply because too many products can lead to other problems.

2. Hyperpigmentation....what are the causes and cures for it?
"With hyperpigmentation and people of color that's the way the body fights inflammation. For instance, if you cut yourself and it's red the melanocytes run there and cause more melanin in that area making it a dark mark. So if you get a pimple and it's red it's going to leave a mark. There really isn't too much you can do about the actual reason for hyperpigmentation but once it happens having an exfoliant and a lightner is all you really need.

3. For women in their 40's how would you recommend maintaining healthy skin?
"It really depends on what your facing at 40 and what you did from 20 to 40. Some women are going through menopause, or have had children or are reaping the effects of sun bathing in their 20's but generally at that stage in your life you're trying to reverse something. That's usually the corrective time. You can also still be practicing prevention throughout this stage because usually when your preventing one thing it's giving overall improvement anyway.

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