Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm so excited about these two recent purchases. I have been wanting the Epiglade Epilator for a year now and just couldn't and absolutely wouldn't pay $100 for it. So the other day while I was in Target I saw this beauty stashed in the clearance aisle and I knew I absolutely HAD to get it. If you ladies don't know what the Epiglade is, it's basically another form of hair removal. It's  like tweezing a bunch of hairs all at one time. The device works as a mega tweezer pulling hairs from the root. It does hurt just a tad bit but I do like the results so far. I didn't experience any burning or irritation like I have with my razor and if the reviews are right I shouldn't see hair growing back for about 2 weeks which is AWESOMENESS.

So as I perused the clearance aisle I also came across the InStyler. Supposedly America's #1 best selling flat iron. I have seen countless late night infomercials on the product and always wondered if it really worked, well I gave it a shot last night and let me be the first to tell you I am so surprised at the results. Unlike my ordinary flat iron my hair was super soft after being straightened and it was BONE STRAIGHT! It took half the time for me to press my hair compared to my flat iron and, I had not one little kink mark left behind like I normally get with my flat iron. The great part about it is the InStyler also worked as a curling iron. So I think my money was well worth this purchase ;) Check out my results below.

Before----right after washing and blow drying my hair. Look at how HUGE and wild my natural tresses are!!

After------- soft, smooth kink free hair! #Winning


The Esocialite said...

Wow thanks for these reviews! You're convincing me to try both items!

Jevon D. Hayter said...

Great information here thanks for sharing!
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