Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shecky's Girls Night Out

Last night I had the great opportunity to attend Shecky's Girls Night Out. Surprisingly, it was my very first time ever attending a Shecky's event. They come to just about every major city throughout the United States and host a fun girls night out for you and your girls. The event had just about everything for an awesome time. Free manicures, awesome gift bags, free hair consultations, free drinks, lots of clothing and jewelry vendors and the list goes on. It was a good time!

For your free mani you could choose your very own color from the new OPI Spring 2012 collection. They even gave ladies the option to try out the new magnetic wave polish.

So I fell in love with the SNOBSWAP booth as soon as I walked into the event. Basically it's an online high end swap company. You can  take your high end pieces you don't want anymore and swap them online with other people and/or you can put your pieces up for others to bid on. Check out the AWESOME Chanel bag under the computer screen. I think every girl in the event was dying to get their hands on that. lol

 Shecky's Girls Night Out is known for their great gift bags, so I must say when I got home I was very excited to open my bag and see what was inside. I got lotions, perfumes, hand sanitizers, deodorant, Impress nails, several facial masks, chapstick etc. ;)

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