Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Transitioners

With Spring officially here it means it's time to start swapping out those winter clothes and replacing them with all your spring and summer essentials. BUT WAIT......... don't be too quick to toss those long sleeves, and jeans to the back of your closet before checking out my list of TRANSITIONERS (clothing you can wear all year round.)

1. Nude Pumps: no matter what season, a great Nude pump is a MUST. Nude pumps are classic and extremely versatile to wear against pretty much any color hue.

2. Denim Jackets: Whether dark or light washed, denim jackets are perfect transitioners from Winter/Fall into Spring/Summer. During Spring it's not always 85 degrees when your heading out, so for those chilly mornings and nights a denim jacket is absolutely perfect.

3. Midi Skirts: Although they are much longer than your average Spring skirt. Midis worn during the Fall are perfect transitioners into Spring. Pair with a tank, and sandals and your instantly transformed into a Spring ready look.

4. Cardi's: Cardi's are all year round items. Like the denim jacket cardi's can be worn for those chilly mornings and evenings. They can even be worn in an office setting to cover up a sleeveless top.

5. Ladies always remember when your transitioning your clothes from Winter/Fall to Spring/Summer you want to stay away from anything tweedy, wooly, and heavy in material. You want light, airy, bright or pale for Spring and Summer. 


MELISSA said...

Nice prints, and I'm such a cardigan girl

MsStarStyles said...

Thanks so much! O btw congrats on your feature in Essence!