Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Fashion Myths DEBUNKED!

So fashion has its FAUX and its FAUX PA'S! The rules that some people from some unknown fashion world decided to makeup and call the commandments of fashion! (I'm SO being sarcastic). Well, I am here to debunk some of the fashion myths that you ladies have been living by which are absolutely UNTRUE! Let the DEBUNKING begin!

1. You Can't Wear White After Labor Day: this has to be the biggest crock of poo I have ever heard. Ladies you can definitely wear white after Labor Day. Its the lightweight white materials like linen that you can't wear after Labor Day mainly because it's not weather appropriate. But  "Winter White" wool coats and heavier material is perfectly fine!

2. Don't Mix Silver and Gold: so if your wedding ring is silver does that mean you can't wear gold jewelry ever again? That's CRAZY! Ladies the gold and silver jewelry combination is becoming more and more popular so feel free to combine the two in a very tasteful way.

3. Never Wear Black and Blue Together: it is OK to wear black and blue together, just make sure you use a contrasting color like white to break up the two colors so it doesn't look accidental. Also, if your wearing black try going for brighter and bolder shades of blue rather than your typical navy blue.

4. Never Mix and Match Prints: fashion is all about mixing and matching if it's done in a very tasteful tactful way. Vintage clothing is known for mixed prints so go for it and be creative.

5. Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Heavier: OK let me get this straight right now, horizontal stripes DO NOT make you look heavier. Stripes of any kind draw attention to wherever you are wearing them. You can minimize this affect by breaking up the stripes by pairing your stripe shirt or dress with a solid color blazer or cardigan.

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