Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How To Rock: Thigh High Socks

With the Fall breeze slowly creeping into the air it's about that time to start covering those pretty legs of yours ladies and Thigh High Socks are just the way to do it. They're not quite a sock nor a stocking so this trend can be rather hard to pull off. Here are a few tips on how to rock this trend and look STELLAR!

1. An easy way to rock this trend is to pair these socks with a shorter dress and a super cute leather jacket.

2. You can also wear them with all kinds of boots mid-calf, ankle, over the knee and a skirt.

3. Thigh High Socks pair very nicely with shorts and a looser fitting flowly top.

4. For those days when it's really chilly outside put on a pair of stocking and throw your thigh high socks on overtop. It will give your outfit that extra STELLAR FACTOR!

Here's a pic of me rocking a pair of Thigh High Socks last Fall.

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