Thursday, September 29, 2011


So as I was flipping threw my photos I realized I forgot to post pics from Fashion Night Out NYC! Even though I'm about 3 weeks late check out some of the pics I snapped!

I fell in love with her hair color and check out that orange lip #STELLARNESS

"Style Spotlights"

Bobbi Brown makeup counter gave away free makeup consultations!

Me and the makeup guru herself yep! ladies it's Bobbi Brown! Can you believe she first started out selling her makeup at Wal-Mart now look at her just a reminder to Keep Chasing Your Dreams Ladies! O and excuse me I look a little rough from the bus ride but check out her Karl Lagerfeld tee ;)

Celebrity Stylist Derek Fabolous giving tips and tricks!

The crowd was ridiculous in Macy's but check out the supermodels!

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