Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Flow

My Labor day weekend was fun and VERY funny! Well for starters, me and one of my fav friends hung out pretty much the entire weekend and boy let me tell you it seems like we attracted just about every weird/funny/eccentric person there was! Literally I laughed for 3 hours straight Friday night! I also celebrated my moms birthday. Happy Birthday Mommy! ;) My family came from out of town and it was really nice to see my little nephew he's such a cutie! I decided to wear my fedora a few times this weekend just because Fall is rolling right around and pretty soon it will be time to put this straw hat up til next Spring/Summer. So ladies while the summer air is still here hurry and rock some of your fave clothing and accessories before the fall breeze snatches them away. O and I got some really good news that I will be styling a few fashion shows this month so im super excited about that THANK GOD! Anyway, I Hope you ladies enjoyed your holiday weekend and these last moments of summer like I did ;)

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